Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Aepril's Astrology Report July 23: Joy

-Moon in Gemini
-Moon waning toward New Moon on Sat
-Sun moves in LEO

-Sun moving into conjunction with Jupiter
-Mercury opposite Pluto, square Uranus
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio Friday

-Jupiter in Leo
-Saturn quincunx Uranus

What brings you JOY?

We have the choice today between obsessing about things and getting stuck in the loops of our mind, or to choose JOY. We have an opportunity at every moment to make a choice for ourselves that comes from the heart. We have the choice to be present with what is, and see the world with new eyes.

We can't keep holding on to the past if it is holding us back from NOW. Is there something that you wish to have that offends your self-concept? Has your thinking not caught up to your inner emotional development? Maybe it is time to expand and grow!

Any internal mental conflict that we might be experiencing points to something being out of alignment in this way. Obsession with something or circular thoughts point to a need for control of something that might not be under our control at all. Perhaps something or someone that prevents us from following our bliss. For some of us, just the idea of fully experiencing our joy brings up the specter of guilt. No matter how much we might love someone or feel responsible toward someone else, no one has the right to keep us from our joy. No one has the right to black mail us out of feeling love and happiness, whether its with threats of abandonment, accusations of irresponsibility, passive or even overt aggression and bullying, woe-is-me-ing, etc. You get the picture.

Can we walk away, and find joy today? Even if for a moment (and hopefully more!!)? Can we be that strong and responsible?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aepril's Astrology Report of July 22: Trumpet of truth!

-Moon in Gemini
-Sun moves into LEO (at 5:41 pm EST)! -Sun moving into conjunction with Jupiter
-Mercury opposite Pluto, coming to square Uranus
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio this week

-Jupiter in Leo
-Saturn quincunx Uranus
-Saturn direct
-Uranus retro

Sound those trumpets!!
The Sun moves into his home sign of Leo! He will also be coming into a conjunction with Jupiter over the next few days---everything becomes EPIC and all CAPS and BIG-O-RAMA-DRAMA.

Mercury is opposite Pluto, so, for today at least. the trumpets sounded may be like those of the Angel calling up the Dead for Judgement. Wake up! The time of reckoning is nigh!

Wait a minute, we might say...this was supposed to be fun!? I thought Leo was all sunshine and divine inner child stuff and Jupiter was the Cosmic Santa Claus!...what's all this about reckoning and whatnot?

Weeellll....(remember, ya'll, I'm just the Weatherman) ...there are some things that we still have to face before moving into a more expansive phase. There are inner conflicts to recognize (reckon with) and balance, and some old shadows that are still looming about perhaps. Those Dead who are there rattling chains need to be honored and put to rest, lest they hang about and distort our perceptions of the present.

This can be an intense day, one in which we could run the risk of being caught up in having a monopoly on Truth. There are many truths, and we do well to balance our own perceptions with listening to what others have to say about theirs. It is unacceptable to our collective psyches at this time to hold back what it is that needs to be expressed. There are things that need to be said---perhaps things that are challenging to say and hear---that are for the good of all to get out there. Try to stay compassionate and respectful, but to thine own self to be true.

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.”--Maggie Kuhn

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Aepril's Astrology Report for July 17: Oh this finally it?

-Moon in Gemini
-Sun in Cancer 
(last day!)
-Mercury in Cancer
-Mercury opposite Pluto
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio this week

-Jupiter in Leo
-Saturn quincunx Uranus
-Saturn direct
-Uranus retro you kept saying to the Universe that you wanted something. There has been that longing perhaps to have this thing, this circumstance, this goal achieved. I'm ready, I've done the work, I've put in the time...let's have it, Spirit! 

So now what? I mean, really...what? It could be that perhaps we see this something on the horizon now, coming into focus, and we feel like---oh sah-NAP! Could it really be? Is this the moment? Is this what it'll be like? Am I really ready for this?! 

Sometimes we can lobby so hard for something to change, to shift, to manifest, to happen...that we lose a sense of what we might experience if the things we are gunning for actually come to pass! We get caught up in the chasing, in the longing, in the state of not yet having. Yet here we go... What will it really be like to have this relationship? This job? To be free of this responsibility? To take on this other one? To make it to the next level? To succeed? To finish? To come out the other side?

As we experience some super powerful celestial shifts over the next few weeks...days, even...we might get a sense of the things we've been working toward being right out there on the horizon before us. We've all made it through some huge vortexes collectively and personally--some of us better off, some of us having yet to feel that--and we are looking at some dynamic and inspiring energies coming down the pike. Are you ready? Now is a great time to get ourselves checked in, internally and externally, for the phase of action and change that is to come. It's time to focus our thoughts on what we wish to expand...and leave behind that which we wish to release. Hint: what we focus on gets bigger.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Aepril's Astrology WEEKEND Report July 18, 19, 20: sovereignty, the heart, and the Lion.

-Moon in Aries, into Taurus Sunday
-Sun in Cancer
-Mercury in Cancer
-Venus in Cancer
-Mars Conjunct North Node, Vesta, Ceres.
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio next week

-Jupiter in Leo
-Saturn quincunx Uranus
-Saturn stationing
-Uranus stationing

I have a message that I have been hearing over and over during these past few days, and so I am bringing it to you. And it is the following:

If you want to have good things manifest--things that feel right, things that feel true, things that feel correct and nurturing and whole--if you want positive relationships and the right job and the right kind of home life, is the thing: It is IMPERATIVE that you live in YOUR TRUTH. That's right. All caps.

And do you know what it takes to do that? It takes WORK. It takes INVESTMENT. It takes COMMITMENT. It takes returning to it again and again.

Sometimes we come out of integrity, and fall on our faces. Sometimes we have to start all over again. Sometimes we think we've got this, and then we see that we don't quite yet. And then sometimes, we feel like giving up. We get tempted to take the easy way out. This is not my world. I can't do this. I can't step up anymore. Or the eternal: I would like to...but... Using some obligation as an excuse.

And can take the easy road. But here's the funny thing: the "easy" road often ends up being the harder road in the end. We can look at other people who are dynamic, or who have succeeded, or who are strong, and say aren't they lucky. But chances are, the "lucky" person sacrificed some sort of comfort to achieve the circumstance that we envy. That person probably risked losing, and maybe did lose at first. That person perhaps stepped up to Fear, and made a courageous investment of some kind.

We have to sometimes fall off the path of our truth to define what it is. We get tested again and again. Sometimes it takes this to know how valuable it is, and what it means--by knowing what it does not mean.

It is a risk to stand in our truth 100%. It can even feel like a scary risk just to identify what our truth is! We have to FEEL what we are truly feeling, and let our hearts speak to us. If we've been broken-hearted at some point, maybe it is hard to hear what our hearts are cracking open a painful wound. We have to feel grief for what we've lost, for what we might have been disappointed by, and feel that terrible longing all over again...grief is the shadow of the Lover...

Leo is the sign of COURAGE. The Cowardly Lion, wanting to find "courage" found that he had it all along. It just took love and loyalty to bring it out. What do we feel love and loyalty toward? What/who makes our hearts sing? Are we allowing ourselves to be bullied, or are we being the bully to cover our fear? Have we shouted Love down to "protect" ourselves?

The combination of transits that is occurring right now is challenging our own inner Cowardly Lion to step up. If we want a world that reflects our own inner truth---a world where we are truly seen and heard and valued for who and what we are--then we need to keep stepping up to the plate and INSIST on it. We have to stay with.

It's too easy to abandon our hearts. Our society pressures us to do it every day. But we create society, too. Defy this pressure, and make this world your own. We all have something to say that matters. You matter.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Nuit Report! July 17-24. BIG and BOLD! (and from the heart).

BIG and BOLD! Feeling good, and fired up!

Now is the time to revisit the needs of the heart. 

It's been a challenge to balance responsibilities with the needs of the soul. We are getting the call, though, to revisit what makes our hearts sing! We are getting a surge of power and we'll be feeling fired up. We get to reclaim our sovereignty--provided that we are still taking care of ourselves to the best of our ability. We are Queen/King of our own Domain. Honor that Divine Child within without abdicating responsibility. We all get to shine! We CAN afford to be generous again. This town IS big enough for all of us. We can inspire just by being ourselves...

This week's Nuit Report is posted!
July 17-25. BIG and BOLD! (and from the heart)  

Watch now. 

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Aepril's Astrology Report July 17: feeling the shift

-Moon in Aries
-Sun in Cancer
-Mercury in Cancer
-Mars Conjunct North Node, Vesta, Ceres.
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio next week

-Saturn quincunx Uranus-Saturn stationing
-Uranus stationing

The Moon in Aries gets things going today, and fires up the newly placed Jupiter in Leo. Can you feel the shifting? We have to be open to loving OURSELVES to really receive this energy. So if you are not yet feeling the expansion energies, that is the place to look at first. Do we love ourselves, or are we expecting someone else to fill that space? Jupiter in Leo is going to challenge us to be true to our own hearts.

We get the green light to be generous again with expressions of love and creativity. Perhaps with all of the big changes and Grand Crosses and whatnot we became overwhelmed in some way and shut some things down. We are encouraged to stick out heads back out of the shell and look around again. Hmmm...can I take a risk and try again, knowing what I know now?

Saturn and Uranus continue on with their wonky quincunx, and now they are stationing to switch directions, each going the opposite way from one another. There may be a sense of something hanging in the air, something that has yet to be known. So, everything is not yet perfect. Here's the latest newsflash though: it never will be! (But always is!) That is the nature of being here on Earth. Things are perpetually shifting and changing, forming and unforming, moving forward and moving backward. That is part of what creates the beauty! So if we are waiting for just the perfect weather, circumstance, situation, etc., in which to make our move, we might be waiting forever. C'mon now...don't be a weenie. There are some wonderful opportunities out there right now. Don't necessarily throw all caution to the wind (remember balance) but see if you can make even one new change today, especially one in favor of your heart. You might be surprised at the amount of positive movement even one small change can make!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aepril's Astrology report for July 16: Big hearted! Jupiter in Leo.

-Moon in Pisces
-Sun in Cancer-Mercury in Cancer
-Mars Conjunct North Node, Vesta, Ceres.
-Mars at the end of Libra, moving into Scorpio next week

-Saturn quincunx Uranus

Jupiter moves into Leo!! It's showtime!
The Universe is calling the magick out! Jupiter in Leo is all about the HEART. We can get great gifts now by following what our hearts tell us.

We get a chance to show off in the house where Jupiter is transiting. Things expand and get more dazzling. If "our heart hasn't been in it", we might get a renewed sense of things. Or, we might get a zap of expansive Fire energy in a new area of our lives...perhaps in territory that has not been this activated since 
August 1, 2002 - August 27, 2003.

Creativity for its own sake is the name of the game. We get to play again. Leo is a dignified sign (when operating at a high vibration), so we'll do well to move beyond mediocrity into the best of our best. 

We'll also benefit from keep honoring the Saturn sides of our nature to ensure quality control and to not let things get bigger than we can deliver. Saturn continuing to transit Scorpio reminds us that the best and most profound creativity and self-expression originates from our deeper, authentic experiences and truths. 
With Mars going over the Nodes, we are getting a healthy does of fated situations via relationship confrontation and calls for justice. The transit of Jupiter into Leo will support us in being uncompromising in honoring the dignity of our hearts. We get a chance now to unravel any restrictions places upon our hearts--that we have placed there, or that have been placed by others. Our hearts get to expand and fill with Light! The world needs us not to try to make ourselves small to fit in, but to allow ourselves to be as big as we truly are. We might be surprised at how much more there is there!

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