Thursday, February 2, 2012

Full Moon in Leo: Rawwr! Heart and Courage!

This full moon on Feb 7 highlights the heart/head dichotomy, or false dichotomy. Conflict between feelings and facts, between emotions and the logical mind.

It's also an opportunity to blend these parts of ourselves better, working with left brain and right brain at once, to have some wonderful creative kick-ass-ness.

The connection of the head and the body is the heart. It is the source of all healing and guidance, and is the center of our being. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in logical Aquarius, opposing the emotional Moon in expressive Leo. When in doubt about what needs to be done, about what path to take or what to create next, listen to your body. It never lies!

Venus in watery Pisces is also conjunct Uranus in fiery Aries in an out-of-sign aspect. Boiling, electrified water. Emotion is very charged, values are challenged and changed. Reactions to this energy can be positive or negative, and include anything from break-ups to new hair to a sudden interest in new sexual adventures to picking a fight while drinkin. It's time to get as honest with ourselves as possible, to foster authenticity. In this way we can respond with passion, rather than just merely react with volatility or "I freakin give up!".

A major theme of this full Moon is courage. The courage to be ourselves, to stand with what has heart and meaning. Opening ourselves to eros, to the ebb and flow of life, without hiding behind "logic" or a "rationality", is the courageous thing to do. 

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon position at 18 degrees Leo is: A chemist conducts an experiment for his students. 

In this intense energy setting, what kind of magickal alchemy do you want to produce in your life? How can you turn lead into gold? What experiments might the young student in you like to try? The heart is the teacher. 


  1. Dear Aepril, I read your post and almost fell off my chair. I went from blonde, to black blue, then back to blonde....the blue black by accident is not conducive to a job interview.

    1. Donna: Betty, Veronica, Betty...or is it the other way around? The black must have been Pluto's dark influence. ;)

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