Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012: Shortest Light, End of Days, Rebirth of Sun!

Winter Solstice 2012: Shortest Light, End of Days, Rebirth of Sun!

In case you've been under a rock and haven't noticed, there is a whole lot of transformation going on! (Or maybe, if you are under a rock, its for just this reason!) Most people that I know are in a state of flux of one kind or another. Yes, ya'll, we're in the middle of a BIG MOMENT.

First and foremost is the Uranus/Pluto square. These two gods are duking it out in the Cosmos, bringing big upheaval both personally and collectively. The God of the Underworld and The God of the Heavens square off now—“You and me, dude, mano a mano…”. Thunder. Lightning flash. Black out. Rumble.Those of us with personal planets in early degrees, especially 1-10 of the Cardinal signs, are feeling the punch!  Arise! Awaken! Let go! Renew!

This Solstice has an apocalyptic nature, to be sure. Much has been made about the Mayan calendar and the End of Days. Many of us are obsessed with Zombie Apocalypse, Vampires, the biblical book of Revelations, etc. The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM Universal Time (7:11 AM EST) also marks the completion of the 5125 year great cycle of the Mayan Calendar. Emotional reactions to this pending event range from fear to dismissal to excitement and anticipation, or mixtures of many feelings. Uncertainty about the outcome is part of the package. Ultimately, it is rebirth that we’re experiencing now!

I think of the Judgment card in the Tarot. All the ghosts of the past are awakening in order to be acknowledged, honored, and released.

Personal identity is undergoing a profound and deep transformation for most of us. Who have we become? Who do we want to become? How do we want to relate to the world of the New Aeon?  Our relationships with one another are best allowed their complexities, ambiguities and subtleties on their own terms now, so that we can thrive and grow. It is a powerful, fluid dance.

The Feminine and Masculine principles are coming into better balance. The Feminine energies are continuing to be on the rise. Goddess energies are not only adored, but respected and empowered. The old Patriarchal world declines and is discarded.

Juno sits enthroned between Pluto and the Sun. She connects the forces of Dark and Light in Her sovereignty as Queen of the Gods. With Lilith and Venus opposite one another, the dichotomy of the Mother/Whore will be brought up to be experienced and healed. The Divine Feminine is both, not one or the other. Lilith, The Magdelene, Babalon—She will be seen in Her divine light, and refuses to be demonized. Light and Dark are both Sacred. Venus square Chiron/Neptune empathizes a challenging healing of sexuality in relation to spirit, and vice versa.

With the Moon conjunct Uranus, collective issues of nurturance come up to be embraced and revamped. We understand that in order to be truly healthy and free, we need to co-create, to interdependently support one another, and acknowledge and revere the divinity within each individual. The impoverishment of any individual creates an impoverishment for all.

This Solstice is about healing. With Chiron rising, there is a self-healing that is needing to take place, both personal and collective. It is the healing style of the Shaman, again echoing the Judgement card; all things need to rise out of the shadows of the Underworld in order to be purged and healed. It comes up through the earth to meet us. Pluto conjunct the Sun indicates this meeting with the Underworld of the psyche, each of us the shamanic Persephone of our personal journey. Having connected intimately with Shadow and done the work, we each become Queen of the Underworld, no longer na├»ve to the Great Dark, but still innocent. That is to say that we each have the ability to choose to retain our golden solar child-like love, appreciation and enthusiasm for the world even though we've experienced the brutal darkness from Below. It is a choice. We can shine even brighter with our wisdom.

Neptune and Chiron preside on either side of the Pisces ascendant. This is a time for the return of ancient wisdom. The ancients have always said many of the things that Science has only recently come to understand. This meeting and integration of Science and Spirit, or re-integration, is creating more possibility for the co-creation of a world we’d like to see. Saturn trine Neptune facilitates this work.

Saturn trine Neptune also brings us to a place where we learn about the power of gratitude. Gratitude for what is already there gives us more of what we are grateful for. On a bad day, this gratitude is not always easy to access! It’s a practice. The good news is that manifesting our dreams in the “real world” is easier now. We can use this liminal space of transformation and change to create very powerful magick!

“My sun sets to rise again.” 
― Robert Browning


  1. Thank you Aepril. this sums up what' i've been going trough, and i almost cried with recognition of what's described. I've had an emotionally wrecking year, been really down into sheer black darkness, couldn't understand why i had been thrown in there, couldn't find a way out, wondered why i needed to suffer so much inside but then recently have come out of it again, without any tangible reason, feeling like i've shed my skin and become another, stronger, more focused on what matters and less on matter , in touch with what heals my soul and easily rejecting what harms me, feeling great love and gratitude for my universe and its beings,... and then i read this and it just feels like the culmination of what i've been trough.. this is where i'm headed and it's comforting to read it's part of something big . thank you for sharing your beautiful knowledge.

    1. Lycophos: Oh! I'm so glad that this resonated with you. And I am glad for your strength and healing. Thank you for your words of truth and kindness. Blessings!

  2. Perhaps you may want to think twice, about submitting to an ideology which accepts that Lilith being "demonized" is bad. Certainly we all come to our own conclusions, but those who wish to ignore the malevolent aspects of Lilith all to often have a belief based not on fact but idealistic fantasies mixed with a feminist bias, which simply does not hold true in light (or dark) of the facts.

    Wildcats shall meet the hyenas,
    Goat-demons shall greet each other;
    There too the lilith shall repose
    And find herself a resting place.
    Isaiah 34:14 (JPS)

    None of this is to say that the archetype of the first woman who did not merely obey the word of man or God is untrue. Simply that a deeper,and yes, darker side certainly does exist, and it is disrespectful to romanticize the Lady of the Screech Owl.

    1. Ending demonization is neither ignoring nor romanticism.

      These chains are now broken. Try and put your foot down, but you'll find only your shadow and the Earth beneath you.

    2. All archetypes have a demonic side. Lilith as well. However, in Lilith's case, much more has been made of it.

      I don't think of wildcats, hyenas and screech owls as "demonic". They are creatures of the earth, as are all the beings who walk this earth. All with a light and dark nature.

      In the Talmud, the Zohar and the Bible Lilith is described as one with Nature, "I am the soul of every living creature that creepeth". Jung described her as the "shamanistic anima". As nature and feminine soulfulness and sexuality was vilified over the millennia, so has she been. And so now we go back to her roots for healing.